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New York native, founder and creative director Matthew Jackson of Emigee New York has found a way to get his hands dirty and your Skyn clean, with a mix of natural ingredients and botanical oils.

Known for its beautiful, timeless, unconventional pieces, Emigee New York is pleased to introduce you to “Emigee Skyn”. A new luxury skyncare line that works for all skin types.

For Matthew, creating this collection wasn’t just about fun. He wanted to create a vibe and a skyncare ritual that leaves your Skyn feeling clean, glowing, and smooth.

Having a skyncare routine should not be out of your reach, it should be at your fingertips. Emigee Skyn is designed to be at yours and like all things our Skyn needs love to. So indulge and pamper yourself with Emigee Skyn.

message from our founder

The appearance and health of your Skyn has the ability to make a good day a great one. Or may I dare say make a bad day a good one. The journey to healthy Skyn can be a tough one filled with many impedements on the way. Finding products with ingredient compositions that work, in the correct combination can be a daunting task. As Emigee New York embarks on the cosmetic industry, we’re proud to say that we may just have got it! Introducing Emigee SKYN, a collection of hand crafted Skyn essentials that gradually improves Skyn health and appearance with continuous usage.

VIVA LA COCO our first collection has got you covered antes de la ducha (pre shower), durante de la ducha (during shower) and antés de la ducha (post shower).

Check out our shop to view our product list. P.S Our ingredients may entice you.

why emigee skyn


Our products are packed with nourishing botanicals,for naturally healthier, glowing skin. We stan Toxic free.

Your Coin

We believe clean skin care should be at our finger tips and not out of reach.

Our Universe

Emigee Skyn is committed to eco-friendly packaging. Our products are made with 100% all natural ingredients for sustainable and effective results.

Natural products


gender neutral

OUr mission

Defy your age while preventing damage before it begins by fueling a life lived through natur sourced ingredients. Emigee Skyn adds to that lifestyle, aiding your beauty regimen so your skyn can remain soft to the touch and radiant when looked upon.

Sorting after and adding a combination of quality key ingredients to our product line that is sustainable, natural and promotes a healthy state of being will remain our precedence at all times.

Our products are curated especially for clients that want to utilize the perks of preserving a youthful appearance.

Emigee Skyn is designed around an ecologically rational culture. Hand selected, natural ingredients combined with advanced technology is our labor of love to you.

Everyone is welcomed to enjoy this effective line of skyncare.

Natural + Luxury= Emigee Skyn,

Matthew Jackson



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