We may agree to disagree, but at Emigee Cosmetics, we believe that BEAUTY HAS NO GENDER. Feeling beautiful has a way of bringing out the best in us. And we’re here for any additional confidence to take on the day or night.

And let’s be honest, incorporating  some kind of make up / cosmetic product into our routines does just that!

Makeup wearers range from the ones who loves a minimalistic, natural looking application to the ones who love a full coverage, dramatic fantasy look.  And of course the many in between.

Whatever the type of make up wearer you are @EmigeeCosmetics believes make up is a way to enhance one’s beauty, not conceal it.

More importantly we stand behind make up being transformative and fun, allowing it to be an ice breaker and gateway guaranteed to inspire deeper conversations.

Our mission here @EmigeeCosmetics is to bring you clean, toxin-free ,affordable luxury products. We strive to create an effortless luxury beauty brand that instills confidence, kindness, creativity and integrity.

P.S We can’t wait to see you wearing Emigee Cosmetics. You deserve it.

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