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Can’t burn candles? cool!

Who doesn’t love our luxury add ons? Luxury is a lifestyle, a mood, and a vibe you should normalize and add to your everyday routine. Infuse your space with our lux and sophisticated scent all day and night. Clean and easy on the nose sweet cardamom is complemented by warm sandalwood, sensual musk, floral iris, and rigged leather- setting a mood/vibe you can’t resist.


The diffuser must be positioned in the center of the room or wherever you prefer so, when people pass by, the air moves, and the fragrance circulates. For larger rooms it is advisable to have two positioned on the opposite ends of the room you wish to fragrance.

Do not place the diffuser on polished, varnished or painted surfaces, on electrical equipment, near / over sources of heat.

How To Use:

  1. It is very important to use all the sticks or vine reeds supplied with the chosen fragrance. It is recommended not to use fewer sticks than are supplied.
  2. On first use it is necessary to let the sticks or reeds soak for an hour and then turn them over.
  3. To adjust the intensity of the fragrance, all or part of the sticks / reeds provided must be turned one or more times a day.
  4. The sticks that accompany each diffuser are designed to keep the color of the fragrance stable. Therefore, black sticks is for the exclusive use of SKYN and TRYBE.

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